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Osasere Fredrick Okuonghae is an accomplished professional boasting a diverse career portfolio. Holding a BSc in Accounting from Benson Idahosa University and an MSc in Business Administration from the National Open University, he also possesses a diploma in Filmmaking/Directing. This unique blend of education has equipped him with a multifaceted skill set, allowing him to excel in both business and creative domains.


With over 15 years of experience in the field of filmmaking, Okuonghae has gained a reputation as a talented producer, editor, and director. His extensive body of work includes news content, documentaries, commercials, and business videos for a diverse range of clients, including Energy’s Institute, Quramo Productions, Chivita, Abibev, Grand Duke Investments, Landers Properties, Brilliant Concepts, and Makispax Royal.


In addition to his filmmaking prowess, Okuonghae has eight years of experience in video production and live streaming for both social and corporate events, demonstrating his comprehensive understanding of the media landscape.


His editing and color grading skills shone through in the acclaimed “Journey of an African Colony: The Making of Nigeria,” currently streaming on Netflix. His directorial prowess is evident in “Just Leave,” a film that has garnered nominations at numerous international film festivals. Further showcasing his versatility, he co-directed “The Search,” a feature-length film, and served as the assistant director for “Anywhere but Home.”


Osasere Fredrick Okuonghae is a dynamic professional, merging business acumen with creative flair to create compelling and impactful visual na