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Dbossmotions Media is a full-service video and photo production company with the best Professionals for your next shoot.

Dbossmotions media is a full service video and photo production company.

From documentaries to instructional videos and photos, our roster of directors, screenwriters, talent scouts, editors, cinematographers and producers are dedicated to bringing your stories to life.

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We work Length and Breadth to give you the best service you deserve.


Directors have the vision to bring the story to life. They see it all in their heads and know...


A love of light drives cinematographers to make sure every shot speaks volumes...


Writing is more than just clever one-liners, our writers are storytellers for any subject...


In addition to moving images, we also o￾er photography services to capture additional ....


Editing, color grading, special effects, CGI and film restoration are all done in house by....

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We create and produce contents for so many platforms within and outside Nigeria, Both voluntarily and paid services globally.

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Fredrick Osasere.O is a passionate Media professional with over 10 years’ experience and with special focus on Directing and Producing Documentaries, Commercial Videos and Event Coverage.

With a drive to engage the public by providing creative solutions to the ever-persistent challenges facing Nigeria and the African continent through well curated and crafted contents. I am a trained Video creator and Producer. With my wide range of contacts and influence in the media; online and traditional, I and the rest of DBOSSMOTIONS MEDIA professionals will be willing to work with your team, to deploy our expertise and influence to the utmost advantage when carrying out duties as a renowned media firm in Nigeria.

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As a creative and thinking professionals that we are,
We always want to contribute our ideals to global educational benefits.

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How to Write a Script for a Video

A video script is a chronological run-down of scenes, shots, action and dialogue specifying who is saying and doing what, and when they're saying or doing it.

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